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Riesenrad (Vienna Ferris wheel)

Randolph Splitter's just-completed (not yet published) The Third Man is an historical novel—from Vienna in the 1930s to England in the 40s, and back—about dispossession, exile, and the search for justice and humanity.


Splitter has previously published three books: The Ramadan Drummer (Pandamoon), a novel about clashing values and the search for connection in a multicultural world; the novella/story collection Body and Soul (Creative Arts); and a psychoanalytic study of Marcel Proust from Routledge & Kegan Paul. His short stories have appeared in such places as the Chicago Quarterly Review,, and Akashic Books’ Mondays are Murder series. He’s also written prize-winning screenplays and made short films.
He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Hamilton College; earned a Ph.D. in English from the University of California, Berkeley; taught literature, creative writing, and composition for many years at Caltech and De Anza College; and edited the national literary magazine Red Wheelbarrow for ten of those years.

His parents fled Vienna, Austria, in the late 1930s. They and their relatives settled in England, Argentina, Australia, and Israel as well as the United States. He himself grew up on Long Island but has spent his entire adult life on the West Coast, mostly in California but more recently in Portland. He was married for twenty-five years, with two daughters who now have children of their own. His first wife (a teacher) died, and he later married a librarian from a nearby university. They've now been together for over twenty years.

When he’s not writing, he’s either reading, dodging raindrops, playing tennis (when not social distancing), or exercising his social conscience. (This last—you can too.)